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Latin American, Iberian and Latino Cultures


Elena Martínez

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Francisco Soto

Silvia Dapía

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Spanish and Portuguese Language and Literature


Mujer, literatura, modelo comunicativo transdisciplinario, supremacismo, Cuba, México


In my dissertation, I focus on the literary production of Latina authors, who live and write in the United States. By using the notion of the art of resistance, I explore the works of Magali Alabau, Hemos llegado a Ilión, Volver and Amor faltal, and Carmen Baullosa, Texas. Both writers clash about the discourses linked to segregation. Pondering on their works, I propose to extend the current idea of the art of resistance, associated with political views, to one that opposes all kinds of segregation. In Part I, taking into consideration the debates regarding truth and fiction, in literature, I propose a transdisciplinary communicative model that incorporates some texts of the art of resistance in the dominion of literature, overcoming certain theoretical obstacles that prevent its recognition in this artistic category. In Part II, I focus on the poetic writing of Alabau by examining the literary motifs of exile, return and pain, in her struggle against segregation. In Part III, I explore the way in which Boullosa articulates the categories of language, history and literature in her novel, deconstructing the notions of white supremacism, language supremacism, some stereotypes, and power relations. In summary, my dissertation analyzes the ways in which the literary productions developed by Latina writers constitutes not only a fictionalization of the Latinization in the United States, but also a way to approach, through the art of resistance, the complex social, political, economic, and cultural relations in this country.