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Liberal Studies


David Halle

Subject Categories

Fashion Business | Geography | Marketing | Sociology of Culture


Culture, Fashion, Human Geography, Global Cities


This thesis is an explanatory case study that applies geographic information systems (GIS) data, biographical data, and other secondary data. It includes mainly qualitative data collection and analysis; furthermore, the study examines quantitative data on the cultural events offered within each city. Overall, this case study adopts a theoretical perspective. The two individual cases (based on a multiple, holistic case-study design framework) of fashion culture in New York City and London, as per Michael Kors and Alexander McQueen respectively, represent ‘confirmatory cases or presumed replications of the same phenomenon’ (Yin 2014:59). Each describes the house’s fashion aesthetics as well as an intersection of the geographic city layout, arts culture, and postmodern fashion culture; it is a means of understanding why and how these two fashion houses evolved to become cultural icons in their respective cities. Kors has become one of the top social media brands and one of the most sought-after on Instagram whereas McQueen has achieved recognition as one of the most politically provocative fashion brands of the postmodern era. This case illustrates multiple data promulgated by and about these organizations that elucidate their rise.