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Liberal Studies


Gillian Bayne

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Online and Distance Education


blended learning, glitch, postphenomenology


Our life-world occupies spaces drawn to new and emerging technologies that mediate our experiences to self, others, and the world. The presence of old and new technologies, the blackboard to the computer, in classrooms play a prominent role in shaping America’s education system. Schools today evolved from the technologies we design and use as individuals and as a society. Also, private and public K-12 education stakeholders believe blended learning, the meeting of traditional, face-to-face schooling with online learning at or from a school building, will transform schools. However, blended learning as a field lacks inquiry focused on K-12 school settings and roles technology and teachers play in schools. This project uses a postphenomenology lens to explore how roles in a blended learning classroom relate as demonstrated by a technological “glitch”, the frozen computer page during my online tutoring sessions and Aspire Public School troubleshooting posters displayed in their classrooms. The result is an interrelated model developed to study the relationship among students, teacher and technologies in blended learning classrooms.