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Steve Greenbaum

Committee Members

Ying-Chih Chen

Leon Cohen

Sophia Suarez

Mike Zimmerman

Subject Categories

Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics | Condensed Matter Physics | Materials Chemistry | Oil, Gas, and Energy


Energy Batteries Nuclear Magnetic Resonance


Enormous strides have been made in next-generation power sources to build a more sustainable society. Energy storage has become a limiting factor in our progress, and there are huge environmental and financial incentives to find the next step forward in battery technology. This work discusses NMR methods for characterizing materials for use in battery application, with a special focus on relaxometry and diffusometry. Examples are provided of various recent investigations involving novel candidate electrolyte materials with different collaborators. Works discussed in this thesis include: the characterization of a new disruptive solid polymer electrolyte technology, investigations of the dynamics of super concentrated aqueous electrolytes, and studies of glyme-based electrolytes. Experimental results are interpreted and the impact on the continued development of the materials is analyzed.



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