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Michal Kruk


Shuiqin Zhou

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Shuiqin Zhou

Sharon Loverde

Aneta Mieszawska

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Polymer Chemistry


Mesoporous, Silica, Nanomaterials, Template, Pluronic


In this dissertation, the work will be discussed that was focused on the synthesis of consolidated periodic mesoporous materials such as 2-D hexgonal ordered mesoporous silicas (SBA-15) as well as single-micelle-templated silica and organosilica nanotubes and nanospheres using triblock copolymer surfactants and their mixtures in the presence of a swelling agent. The introductory section, Chapter 1, will address the current state of the tunability of single-micelle-templated silica and organosilica nanotubes and will compare it with the work presented in this dissertation on the use of a dual-surfactant templating systems. Chapter 2 of the dissertation discusses transmission electron microscopy characterization of Pluronic surfactant templated nanotubes and 2-D hexagonal ordered mesoporous silicas based on tilt-series imaging at different angles. Chapter 3 shows the effects of stirring rate on fragmentation in silica nanotubes and the resulting nanosphere contamination in the synthesis that utilizes a single Pluronic surfactant. In Chapter 4, the synthesis of ultra-large-pore SBA-15 silica, nanotubes with adjustable pore diameter with the use of a dual-surfactant system will be discussed. Chapter 5 utilizes similar system as discussed in Chapter 4 to synthesize a variety of organosilica nanotubes with different organosilane precursors. Chapter 6 discusses the synthesis of microemulstion v droplet-templated silica and organosilica nanospheres of large size. The dissertation end with same conclusions.