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Middle Eastern Studies


Kristina Richardson

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Near and Middle Eastern Studies


Jordan, Syrian Refugees


This project seeks to explain and address the challenges inherent in filming and documenting Syrian refugee populations in Jordan. This project will take the form of a narrative research paper in conjunction with a video component comprised of the first-hand accounts of several refugees who consented to sharing their stories on camera. I went, along with my brother Louis (a filmmaker), to Jordan to document firsthand the stories of Syrian refugees in their own words. We were invited to film for the Women ASPIRE project of an organization called ASPIRE (Advancing Solutions in Policy, Implementation, Research, and Engagement for Refugees), a Columbia University based organization with which I have formerly worked, interned, volunteered, and traveled. I draw upon contemporary literature on the topic of the refugee crisis with a focus on the impact it has had on women. I make reference to personally taken footage of several Syrian refugee men and women interviewees living in various living arrangements in Jordan. I elucidate the many challenges and obstacles to accurate, objective reporting of the current plight of Syrian refugees living in Jordan.

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