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Capstone Project

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Barbara Weinstein

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Speech Pathology and Audiology


Audiology, Audiologist, Au.D., Graduate Education, Curriculum, Doctorate of Audiology, Accreditation Standards


Audiology, a health profession concerned with all auditory impairments and their effect on communication, has rapidly and dramatically changed over the last 70 years of its existence (American Academy of Audiology [AAA], 2004). What began as a field dedicated to helping address veterans with hearing difficulties sustained while in the service, has now become a medical profession with a wide and varied Scope of Practice that requires an entry level a doctoral degree. With the evolution of technology, and knowledge about hearing loss, there has been an increase in the information and knowledge required for best practice. While education standards have changed as the field evolved, the education standards are merely guidelines for which the 74 accredited Au.D. programs in the United States use to shape their curriculums. Differences in curriculums lead to differences in quality of clinicians and service. This project reviews how the audiology Scope of Practice has evolved and the exposure to the areas within the scope that Au.D. students are receiving.