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Shengping Zheng

Committee Members

Akira Kawamura

Mahesh Lakshman

David R. Mootoo

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Heterocyclic Compounds | Organic Chemicals | Pharmaceutical Preparations


one-pot, cascade, acridone, carbazole, indolin-3-one, jaboticabin


Three cascade reactions that provide access to various heterocyclic skeletons from quinols were developed. Various substituted 1-hydroxyacridones, 4-hydroxycarbazoles and 4-hydroxy-indolin-3-ones were readily synthesized in moderate to excellent yields. The common sequential transformation involves carbamation/Michael addition/mixed Claisen condensation/decarboxylative aromatization which were realized in one-pot reactions in the synthesis of acridones and indolin-3-ones, or two-step reactions in the synthesis of carbazoles. A side reaction from oxidative dearomatization of phenols, affording iodo diaryl ethers in one step from commercial phenols, albeit in low yields, revealed an intricate mechanistic pathway. The synthesis of jaboticabin was realized in nine linear steps from commercial phloroglucinol and 3,4-dihydroxybenzoic acid. In vivo experiments were undertaken and synthetic derivatives were made for future SAR studies.

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