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Liberal Studies


John Krinsky

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Community-Based Learning | Inequality and Stratification | Place and Environment | Politics and Social Change | Public Administration | Public Policy | Quantitative, Qualitative, Comparative, and Historical Methodologies | Social Policy | Urban Studies | Urban Studies and Planning


urban sociology, urban studies, urban planning, financialization of housing, rezoning, real estate, displacement, gentrification in New York City


This thesis asks how New York City’s rezoning process combine with the dynamics of real-estate sales to create displacement pressures for low-income communities of color. A case study of the recent rezoning of Inwood, a neighborhood in upper Manhattan, in August 2018, will help to illustrate these dynamics. Through an analysis of building sales and extreme rent inflation embedded in a historical and contemporary analysis of zoning and the influence of real-estate developers and owners on these processes, this thesis paints a dire picture of the risks faced by the mostly-Dominican-American renters in Inwood. The principal contribution of the thesis lies both in the assembly and analysis of the building-sales and rent data, and in the focused, neighborhood-level analysis of what are often larger, more abstract debates in contemporary studies of housing policy and urban dynamics.