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Political Science


Susan Buck-Morss

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Arts and Humanities | Political Theory


Sun Ra, Rammellzee, Kodwo Eshun, epistemology, stories, imagination


This study is a multifaceted attempt to complicate ideas about study, to think about the critical potential and social implications of certain kinds of stories, and how we might effectively disrupt and reinvent notions and techniques of critique and resistance in the names of hope and social transformation. It looks at the creative practices of Jazz musician and other-worldly being Sun Ra, the dual philosophies of “Ikonoklast Panzerism” and “Gothic Futurism” of an artist known as Rammellzee, and the concept-engineering of theorist and artist Kodwo Eshun, in an attempt to think through how radically unconventional forms of study might make knowledge claims and pose questions that can challenge and perhaps even disrupt dominant epistemological frameworks. At the most general level, this inquiry is animated by a concern with the lack of invention and creativity in theory-construction and study more broadly.

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