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Capstone Project

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Barbara Weinstein

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Speech Pathology and Audiology


cochlear implants, attitudes, obstacles, motivators, counseling


The goal of this guide is to provide audiologists with the insights to patient fears and motivators for cochlear implant uptake to ensure all cochlear implant candidates are identified, counseled, and cared for appropriately. Cochlear implant uptake is low compared to the population of people who may be considered candidates, despite the numerous benefits cochlear implants have been shown to provide to these patients. Hearing loss that remains untreated or undertreated in adults can lead to negative consequences, including poorer quality of life, social isolation, and even increased rates of cognitive decline. It is becoming increasingly important for audiologists to be aware of the fears and motivators surrounding cochlear implant uptake, as there is an increasing amount of people with hearing loss, cochlear implant candidacy is broadening, and the implantation surgery and technologies are improving. The knowledge of fears and motivators to uptake is important for best practices in counseling purposes, and for promoting referrals for persons who continue to experience residual disability with hearing aids/accessories.