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Urban Education


Picciano, Anthony G.

Committee Members

Brier, Stephen

Otte, George

Weber, Alan S.

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Educational Technology


K-12 Public Education, Cloud-based computing, perceptions of Privacy Security Trust, GAFE, G-Suite


The purpose of this study is to gain a deeper understanding of how faculty view Cloud-based computing, how they perceive issues of privacy, security, and trust when using Cloud-based systems in schools, and what differences, if any, exist between their at home use of Cloud-based computer systems and their use of these and similar systems at work. Educators who took part in this study (a) demonstrated a relatively good understanding of the Cloud; (b) perceived the issues of privacy, security, and trust as related to Cloud-based computing as a serious matter, which strongly influenced their acceptance of the Cloud, and to a lesser extent, their use of the Cloud; and (c) had noticeable differences in their perceptions of the Cloud when used for school related tasks, and then, as used for personal, non-work related tasks. The theoretical framework utilized is an adaption of F.D. Davis’s 1989 Technology Acceptance Model, which according to Venkatesh (2000), is the most widely applied model of users' acceptance and usage. Findings from this study inform efforts to improve educators’ understanding of the Cloud as a dynamic technology with constantly evolving trade offs of convenience that are increasingly becoming the enemy of privacy, security, and trust.