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Capstone Project

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Liberal Studies


Anna Akasoy

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Ancient Philosophy | Comparative Philosophy | Digital Humanities | History of Philosophy | History of Religion | History of Religions of Western Origin | Metaphysics | New Religious Movements | Other Religion | Practical Theology | Religious Thought, Theology and Philosophy of Religion | Scholarly Communication


occult, esoteric, manuscripts, folklore, media, religion


This capstone project is a website, titled Digital Occult Library, hosted by the CUNY Commons and built with WordPress. The site address is:

It features (in this iteration) twenty-five unique pages with information on and discussion of occult and esoteric topics. It also hosts a forum that can be accessed and utilized by anyone, not just those registered on the Commons. The purpose of the site is to inform three types of interested parties on the highlighted topics: a general audience with no current knowledge of the occult, practitioners of esoteric traditions, and academics. Not only is the site meant to inform, it is a means by which the three groups may interact and discuss the topic to everyone's mutual benefit. This is done by direct invitation in the text as well as with the open forum.

Additionally, the site uses unique icons to direct attention of each group to specific information tailored to them. Various images and decorations are used, along with the general visual design of the site, to aid in expression and visualization of ideas. Particular attention has been paid to the underlying philosophy and historical context of the selected topics. The website will hopefully continue to be active with additional pages added by myself and also grow in depth with future outside interaction.

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