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Liberal Studies


Elizabeth Macaulay-Lewis

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African Languages and Societies | Ethnic Studies | Islamic World and Near East History | Other History of Art, Architecture, and Archaeology


Berbers, Amazigh, Libyans, North Africa, Mauretania Tingitana, Morocco.


This thesis examines the textual evidence pertaining to the identity of the local North African population of Morocco. In examining the literature about North Africans and the inscriptions in North Africa, I wish to determine who their authors were. Since North Africa has been invaded and colonized multiple times throughout history, the available literature written by both the foreigners who colonized it and the locals yielded interesting and sometimes contrasting results.

The names that address the local North Africans are pertinent expressions of identity or of forceful submission. This study examines four different terms that have been used to describe the North Africans of Morocco: Libyans, Afri, Mazigh and Berber. The aim is to determine whether or not they are authentic expressions of identity. Additionally, discourses of the origins of the populations are necessary to examine in order to understand the worldview of the Amazigh as well as that of those who wrote about them. Finally, to compare the textual evidence concerning the origin story of the Amazigh, the results of ancient DNA analysis of ancient genomes from the Early Neolithic period in Morocco and Southern Iberia have been examined.