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Capstone Project

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Barbara Weinstein


Newborn Hearing Screening, Maternal Education, Maternal Knowledge, Hospital Protocol


The Newborn Infant Hearing Screening (NIHS) is a process mandated by the state, which requires that all children born in New York must receive a hearing screening at birth and prior to discharge. The NIHS enables the early identification and subsequent treatment of hearing loss in infants. To properly facilitate identification, the infants who fail the screening are referred for further testing either to confirm normal hearing at the time of the screen or to identify the extent of the hearing loss, if one is found to exist. An additional way, dictated by New York State, in which early identification is ensured, is that the parents of children who pass the screen are required to be given educational materials. These handouts explain the hearing screening, signs of hearing loss in children, and what to do if a parent is concerned about their child’s hearing. The purpose of this survey is to ascertain the information parents receive when a newborn hearing screening takes place, and when results are shared with family members.