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Liberal Studies


Laird W. Bergad

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Education Policy | Latin American Languages and Societies | Latin American Studies


Caribbean, Development, Education, Haiti, Literacy


This study aims to evaluate the role that a lack of literacy and education has played in Haiti's historic and presently low level of human development. The pedagogical philosophies of two educationists, Paolo Friere and Maurice Dartigue, are used throughout the study as lenses from which to read and interpret the history of Haitian education -its many failed attempts, and recurrent challenges- in creating a literate and educated population. The author concludes that mass literacy is prerequisite if the Haitian people are to achieve self-realization and actualization, which essentially equates to what the United Nations Development Program calls "Human Development". Only after human development is achieved for the vast majority of Haitian people, will Haitians achieve a stable democracy, viable economy and self-determination.



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