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Political Science


Michael Lee

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Economics | International Economics | International Relations | Other Political Science | Political Economy | Political Science | Sociology


political risk, multilevel analysis of political risk, multinational risk, risk, political economy risk


This essay aims to diminish the conceptual fragmentation that exists, in relation to political risk, by introducing a multilevel approach to assess risk. While traditional approaches understand political risk to be a result of the political action of host-states against multinationals, this essay shows that there are other actors, like the host-nation civil society and the international community, that also play a role in the production of political risk. Although traditional approaches assert that political risk can solely target multinationals individually, this paper states that risk can affect a firm at an industrial and country level. I claim that political risk is a resultant product of the relation between producers and receivers of risk. By combining the sets of producers and receivers of risk, one gets a set of prototypical cases of political risk.