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Capstone Project

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Data Analysis & Visualization


Ellie Frymire

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Data Science | Digital Humanities


unpaid labor, data humanism, data feminism, feminism


This project makes space for personal “data” around labor and care, prompting users to consider the concrete and abstract (quantifiable and unquantifiable) forms labor and care take in their lives. The interactive, subjective data visualization uses hand-drawn visual elements to foreground that data about care and human interaction will always be ambiguous and complex, that they may never be satisfactorily or universally quantified, and that they will always be out of reach of perfect categorization.

The project provides an alternative to prescriptive truth-telling with data. Instead of using a dataset to provide data-driven answers and insights to users, the interactive and illustrative nature of this project encourages users to reflect on their own experiences of the topic and consider the value of universal data-driven statements.

The project can be viewed at The code repository is publicly available at (8197 kB)
Code repository from GitHub

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