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Liberal Studies


David Bloomfield

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Bilingual, Multilingual, and Multicultural Education | Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research | Elementary Education


dual language, assessment, standardized tests, performance assessment, elementary education, bilingual education


This thesis points out the contradictions between the goals of standardized testing and the goals of dual-language elementary education. I argue that dual-language elementary schools in the New York City Department of Education would be better served by a performance assessment model to measure student and school accountability for several reasons. Performance assessment is more equitable for students who are marginalized by their race, language, or class. Many students who attend dual-language schools in the NYCDOE fall into all these categories. I will discuss in depth why standardized testing is failing students, particularly those in dual-language elementary programs. Next, I will propose that performance assessment become the new standard, and dual- language educators should join into a consortium to make this dream a reality. I present several case studies in which performance assessment is being used at a high-scale, and how these models can inform new practices within NYCDOE dual-language elementary schools. I believe that a pilot program can be test on a few schools, and eventually scaled up to encompass other dual-language schools. I will lay out a several-phase implementation plan and answer any questions that stakeholders and policymakers may have.