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Capstone Project

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Donald Vogel

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Dorothy DiToro

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Speech and Hearing Science | Speech Pathology and Audiology


audiology, noise induced hearing loss, noise exposure, OSHA, NIOSH, hearing loss


Excessive noise has long been established in the literature as a prevalent workplace hazard. The high prevalence of occupational noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) has led to high economic costs and has produced many physical and mental health effects on workers exposed to occupational noise. Standards set by OSHA are implemented in the workplace in order to protect employees. Despite these regulations set by OSHA, millions of workers in the United States are still exposed to excessive occupational noise, with limited use of hearing protection. The high prevalence of occupational NIHL and low use of hearing protective devices (HPDs) brings into question workers understanding of the hearing health education these workers are receiving. The goal of this survey is to gain insight into audiologists’ views regarding occupational noise induced hearing loss and the depth of education they provide to their patients. A questionnaire was created using Qualtrics. Questions included in this survey were designed to evaluate audiologists’ 1) demographics, 2) knowledge of NIHL, 3) understanding of OSHA regulations, 4) the counseling strategies employed to educate patients, and 5) preference/attitudes towards hearing protective devices (HPDs). The objective of collecting this information is to understand the perspectives of audiologists regarding noise induced hearing loss, to provide an educational resource to improve the quality of education audiologists provide to their patients about occupational noise exposure, and encourage those exposed to occupational noise to take the necessary precautions to protect their hearing.