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Capstone Project

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Digital Humanities


Shawna Brandle

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Digital Humanities | Other Education | Other Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies | Women's Studies


bruja, witch, feminism, femicide, feminicidio, open education, storytelling


Brujas of Yesterday, their Legacy Today explores the impact of witch narratives on the lives of Latin American women. This bilingual interactive space collects both myths passed down through generations, ones still taught today, and stories of real women who bear the consequences of the legendary bruja character. Like witch hunts of women who did not fit the model of a “good woman,” the now correctly named femicides are examples of the prevailing misogynistic and anti-feminist rhetoric plaguing Latin American cultures diasporas. With a digital interactive map and timeline, the project aims to breathe new life into these old tales, bring awareness to the real-life women who dare break from the mold, and how we are all reclaiming our magia today.

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