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Capstone Project

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Digital Humanities


Jeffrey Allred

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Matthew K. Gold

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Curriculum and Instruction | Digital Humanities | Higher Education | Modern Literature | Other Arts and Humanities


kinetic learning, syllabi, forms of play, digital pedagogy, magic circle


Whether one wishes to admit it or not, the classroom is a distinct and separate space from the rest of the world with its own rules, expectations, and environment. Even when a class takes place outside of a classroom, the space takes on the role of a classroom, if not outright becoming a classroom in every form aside from shape. This is not unlike, for instance, a tabletop game: even if not played on a literal tabletop, a tabletop game remains identifiable as such, and its rules and expectations remain the same, as does even its environment. A course may depart from the conventions of standard lectures and readings without making use of the classroom as a space, or even examining the more metaphorical or narrative space within the course’s material, which in many senses is as distinct a space as the classroom itself. While this may be a non-issue for some, and sometimes a non-issue in general depending on the course in question, this sort of intimate engagement with material could introduce meaningful, yet seldom-encountered layers of learning, thinking, and interest.

The project’s purpose is to serve as a resource to those in the Digital Humanities, and in similar or adjacent areas of study who seek to broaden their horizons, or who are interested in teaching the topics present in one or more of the project’s syllabi but lack the resources needed to create material of their own that covers those topics. The project’s components engage with emergent scholarly topics in manners that are not only critical and meaningful, but that are more kinetic, hands-on, and most importantly, making the most of the classroom as a distinct space for not only learning, but on a more general level, experiencing. (252 kB)
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