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Liberal Studies


Noel Carroll

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Aesthetics, Comics, Film, Graphic Novels, Music, Philosophy of Art


The purpose of this project is to show that contemporary art forms, specifically popular music, film and comics/graphic novels, are capable of, and do in many cases work as philosophical pieces. I believe that an analysis of these mediums will reveal instances in which the works of art explicate established philosophical theories, expand upon them, and in some cases invent new theories.

Each new medium of art gets examined by philosophy in its turn and its merits as a unique art form are debated. From these arguments it is possible to extrapolate the ways in which these works can become philosophical as well as artistic.

In philosophically examining the merits of a medium its unique and distinctive qualities are examined. Once these qualities are known it is possible to examine how they can be used to convey philosophical ideas and theories.

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Esthetics Commons



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