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Brett A. Martin

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Speech and Hearing Science | Speech Pathology and Audiology


hearing loss, amplification, otitis media, otologic conditions, children, Down syndrome


Children with Down syndrome may have multiple medical co-morbidities. This can result in an overwhelming number of medical appointments and information for caregivers to keep track of. Middle ear dysfunction, among other otologic abnormalities, is common in the Down syndrome population, and the presence of these conditions will result in referrals to an audiologist to monitor hearing sensitivity. While hearing may not be the most pressing concern as compared to a possible life-threatening condition such as a heart defect, it is still a crucial factor in a child’s overall development.

This toolkit is designed with the intention of educating caregivers about the importance of audiological management in this population. It highlights information about the frequent otologic manifestations and types of hearing loss in the Down syndrome population. It is intended to serve as a guide for caregivers of children with Down syndrome on when to follow-up and what to expect during a visit to the audiologist. This toolkit also educates caregivers about how to manage hearing loss using different types of strategies and devices. The toolkit is designed to make the process of audiological management a little easier, especially when hearing loss may not be the immediate priority in a child with other pertinent medical co-morbidities.