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Anne Stone

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Nils Neubert

Stephanie Jensen-Moulton

Susan Gonzalez

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German Linguistics | Music Pedagogy | Music Performance | Other German Language and Literature | Other Italian Language and Literature


Germanic Latin lyric diction, German Latin, Roman Latin, Italianate Latin, Spectrum Analysis, Vowel Formants


In this dissertation, I discuss the various regional Latin lyric diction practices in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria and the extent to which Germanic Latin diction (also termed German Latin diction), Italianate Latin diction, and Roman Latin diction are performed beginning circa 1950 until 2022. I argue that Germanic Latin lyric diction is not standardized throughout Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. First, I explore Roman and Italianate lyric diction practices compared across various sources in order to distinguish between Latin pronunciation choices, then I discuss trends in Germanic Latin lyric diction “rules.” Extensive tables in appendices A (Roman Latin) and B (Germanic Latin) provide in-depth comparisons of rules for each vowel and consonant sound, as well as combinations of sounds, with example words using the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). In order to compare these rules for Germanic Latin lyric diction with performance practices, I examine samples from numerous recordings and individual native-German-speaking subjects. Using spectrum analysis for locating vowel formants in selected samples from these recordings, I assess the actual pronunciations as they occur. Although I identify some general trends, I do not find that there is a standard practice for Germanic Latin lyric diction.