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Joseph N. Straus


Mark Anson-Cartwright

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Analysis, Di Scipio, Electroacoustic, Electronic, Music Theory, Transcription


This dissertation proposes a method for transcribing "electroacoustic" music, and subsequently a number of methods for its analysis, utilizing the transcription as main ground for investigation. The core of the investigation is on pieces that seem particularly resistant to traditional musical analysis, as they present at least three crucial differences with respect to the "standard" repertoire: they utilize (completely or in part) non-pitched sounds, they focus on timbre avoiding traditional strategies of pitch and rhythm organization, and they are not traditionally notated. Pieces by Agostino di Scipio and Douglas Henderson serve as case studies to demonstrate the efficacy of the developed analytical techniques. The methods proposed are the result of the combination of objective measurements with perceptual data, and of existing procedures of musical notation and analysis with my own intuitions. Assuming that certain perceptual mechanisms are akin to all musical styles, the ultimate goal of this research is that of showing how and what kind of local and large-scale organizational patterns can emerge by listening to electroacoustic music.

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