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Professor Michael Grossman


Professor Wim Vijverberg

Committee Members

Professor Wim Vijverberg

Professor Eugenia Paulicelli

Subject Categories

Behavioral Economics | Econometrics | Economic History | Fashion Business | Industrial Organization


Monopolistic Competition, Vertical Integration, Autoregressive Model, History of New York Fashion Week


This dissertation deals with economic aspects of the fashion industry. It begins with a discussion of the complex industrial organization aspects of the industry. A wealth of information in this area has been assembled and is presented for the first time. The focus is on the high-end fashion market: how it started, how it works, New York Fashion Week, and its significance for the industry. Then a comprehensive review of the economics literature as it pertains to the industry is presented, also for the first time. The empirical sections of the dissertation contain estimates of demand functions for apparel and determinants of the number of high-end fashion firms in the industry.



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