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Liberal Studies


Susan Semel

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Curriculum and Instruction | Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research


charter schools, school culture, “no excuses, ” school philosophy, Love and Logic, participant observation, school foundation, school climate


In the last thirty years the United States has seen a rise in charter school education and with that an influx of discussion over the best way to successfully educate college and career ready students. Many of these charter schools have their own unique philosophy on education and disciplinary codes to aid in the attainment of their success. The following case studies were conducted through participant observation in two start-up charter schools. At the time of study both institutions were in their second year of creation. These schools have opposing philosophies on education; the first School “A” is an independent “ no excuse” charter middle school and the second, School “B,” is an independent charter high school, guided by the principles of Jim Fay and David Funk’s Teaching With Love and Logic. This study examines the manner in which the creation and implementation of each school’s philosophy, its corresponding disciplinary system, and other relevant structures create the culture of these institutions.