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Liberal Studies


Mark Ungar

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Latin American Languages and Societies | Latin American Studies | Political Science | Sociology


The protests in Brazil in June 2013 which gained attention after a proposal to raise bus fares or what have come to be referred to as the `June Uprising' and those that have since continued, far exceed the issue of bus fare in their significance. These events are only part of a series of movements and trends that are united by a common desire to create alternatives based on ideas of autonomy, solidarity, and horizontalism. This paper focuses on groups who are at the center of this struggle such as The Free Fare Movement, The Popular Committees for the World Cup and Olympics, Midia NINJA and others to show how they are collectively realizing another world by focusing on their practices, their relations with one another and the various spaces they are creating. At the heart of their struggle is not simply a wish to have a flat bus fare or to make demands upon the state but rather a desire to create another world themselves, free of oppression and exclusion. In fact, through their practices and in working together, they are building the foundations for another society while simultaneously breaking with and disrupting relationships and practices that reproduce the very problems they are fighting against.