This section features Graduate Center dissertations and capstone projects from before 2014 that have been made open access (i.e., freely available to the public) by their authors.

Are you a GC alum? All pre-2014 dissertations and capstone projects have been digitized and can be added to Academic Works at the author's request. (Pre-2014 theses have not yet been digitized and are available only in print.) Do you want to open up your dissertation or capstone project to the public? Contact the GC Dissertation Office at

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Dissertations/Capstones from 2013


MyDigitalFootprint.ORG: Young People and the Proprietary Ecology of Everyday Data, Gregory Thomas Donovan


Uv-Visible Microscope Spectrophotometric Polarization And Dichroism With Increased Discrimination Power In Forensic Analysis, Dale Kevin Purcell

Dissertations/Capstones from 2011


American Manpower: Work and Masculinity in the 1970s, Victoria Ludas