ATH #142

Graduation Date

Fall 12-31-2015

Grading Professor

Jennifer Altman

Subject Concentration

Arts & Culture

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


Jahsen Wint is a 5’11”, 189­pound student in the class of 2016 at Erasmus Hall High School in Brooklyn, New York. He runs a 40­yard dash in 4.6 seconds, has a measured vertical leap of 34.3 inches, and can do a 5­10­5 shuttle run in 4.3 seconds. This is the essential information about Wint found on the various college football scouting websites that comprise an industry designed to measure, study, and sell the potential effectiveness of thousands of teenagers within the greater football industry comprised of hundreds of college programs and their millions of fans. Kids as young as 14 years old are rated and ranked by their place nationally, regionally, within their respective states, and by their respective positions on a football field. In high school, Wint played linebacker and wide receiver, but he is listed on recruiting sites under the position “athlete,” a way to denote that he doesn’t necessarily project to a specific position for a college team, but that his physical gifts undoubtedly will make him useful somewhere. On December 12, 2015, the day Wint was offered a full scholarship by Ohio State University, one of the top football programs in the country, a composite of the leading rankings services listed Wint as the 142nd best athlete in the country.

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