Jaclyn Anglis

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Arts & Culture

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Master of Arts (MA)


My project profiles Simon Moya-Smith, a Brooklyn-based activist for Native American rights. He, alongside other young Native Americans, protests against the ubiquitous cultural misappropriation of Native American culture by people who are not Native by using social media like Twitter and Instagram to send his message to a broader audience now than Native Americans were ever able to reach before to speak out against misappropriation. This misappropriation includes offenses such as wearing a headdress as a fashion statement, using a Native American based mascot and dressing up like a Native American for Halloween. While activists like Moya-Smith are certainly not able to convince everyone, their words are having an impact, as big-name individuals and companies like Pharrell Williams and Victoria's Secret have apologized after their misuse of Native American culture after social media backlash.

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