Graduation Date

Winter 12-29-2017

Grading Professor

Prue Clarke

Subject Concentration


Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


My capstone is about, Hazaras, an ethnic and religious minority long persecuted in Afghanistan. But after the U.S.-led invasion in 2001, they made remarkable progress in education, politics, economics, art and culture. That success did not go unnoticed by militant groups. Hazaras are increasingly becoming the target of deadly attacks. Over 350 of them have been killed and more than 750 wounded in at least 13 targeted bombings since June 2016. And these attacks forcing Hazaras to flee the country to Europe. They were massacred and forced from their lands throughout the 19 and 20th centuries in religious and ethnic conflicts. But the recent wave of deadly killings may have been triggered by another reason: Most young Hazaras embracing western liberal values a country where most people moving toward Islamization in the last 16 years. In other words, the capstone is about a minority that thrived under the shadow of the U.S. presence in Afghanistan and now they have to face the consequences of the alliance with the U.S. and its western allies.

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