Food Plight

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Fall 12-15-2017

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Andrew Lehren

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Master of Arts (MA)


At Public School 398 in East Flatbush, elementary school children on March 20 were offered a lunch of beef patties, zucchini and pears.

A city health inspector found conditions were not appetizing: in the cafeteria and kitchen, the inspector spotted live roaches and close to 600 fresh mice droppings, ample evidence of rodent infestation – all conditions primed to cause illness.

Audio_SiniauerP_NasaR_BeltranL_IbarraJ_Sequence#1.mp3 (268 kB)
John Jimenez Interview

Video_SiniauerP_NasaR_BeltranL_IbarraJ.mpeg (483487 kB)
Samara Henry Video

Audio_SiniauerP_NasaR_BeltranL_IbarraJ_Sequence#2.mp3 (406 kB)
Heaven Santiago Interview

Audio_SiniauerP_NasaR_BeltranL_IbarraJ_Sequence#3.mp3 (172 kB)
Angel Rosario Interview

PHOTO_SiniauerP_NasaR_BeltranL_IbarraJ_Sequence#1.JPG (4246 kB)
Samara Henry is a senior at the Bronx Academy of Letters. Photo by Mallory Moench, Bronx, New York

PHOTO_SiniauerP_NasaR_BeltranL_IbarraJ_Sequence#2.JPG (5391 kB)
Students outside John Jay School Photo by Mallor Moench, Brooklyn, NY

PHOTO_SiniauerP_NasaR_BeltranL_IbarraJ_Sequence#3.JPG (5011 kB)
Angel Rosario at the Bronx Academy of Letters. Photo By Mallory Moench, Bronx, New York.

PHOTO_SiniauerP_NasaR_BeltranL_IbarraJ_Sequence#4.JPG (5544 kB)
Student outside the Bronx Academy of Letters. Photo By Mallory Moench, Bronx, New York.

PHOTO_SiniauerP_NasaR_BeltranL_IbarraJ_Sequence#5.JPG (9168 kB)
Heaven Santiago outside John Jay. Photo By Mallory Moench, Brooklyn, New York.

PHOTO_SiniauerP_NasaR_BeltranL_IbarraJ_Sequence#6.JPG (4506 kB)
The Bronx Academy of Letters. Photo By Mallory Moench, Bronx, New York.

PHOTO_SiniauerP_NasaR_BeltranL_IbarraJ_Sequence#7.png (151 kB)
Infographic of Pest Violations

PHOTO_SiniauerP_NasaR_BeltranL_IbarraJ_Sequence#8.png (751 kB)
PHOTO_siniauer_pauliina_sequence1.jpg (1198 kB)
school food plate

PHOTO_siniauer_pauliina_sequence2.JPG (1595 kB)
school food plate

PHOTO_siniauer_pauliina_sequence3.JPG (2261 kB)
school food plate

PHOTO_siniauer_pauliina_sequence4.JPG (2013 kB)
school food plate

PHOTO_siniauer_pauliina_sequence5.JPG (1435 kB)
school food plate

PHOTO_siniauer_pauliina_sequence6.JPG (1970 kB)
school food plate

PHOTO_siniauer_pauliina_sequence7.jpg (2029 kB)
school food plate

PHOTO_siniauer_pauliina_sequence8.jpeg (2219 kB)
dead roach cafeteria

PHOTO_siniauer_pauliina_sequence11.JPG (2176 kB)
school cafeteria

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