Graduation Date

Fall 12-15-2017

Grading Professor

Sandeep Junnarkar

Subject Concentration


Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


"The Shunned Speak Out" is an interactive feature that explores the practice of religious shunning among Jehovah's Witnesses. When Jehovah's Witnesses opt to leave the group or are punished for an indiscretion, they are shunned and have to completely start their lives over without their families and the only community they have known. This piece profiles 13 former Jehovah's Witnesses, including their journeys and the emotional repercussions of shunning. Their personal stories are weaved in with expert voices and research on the organization.

AUDIO_Saudi_Nour_1.mp3 (544 kB)
Karama "see my dad" clip

AUDIO_Saudi_Nour_2.mp3 (1251 kB)
Ruth "parents join" clip

AUDIO_Saudi_Nour_3.mp3 (2157 kB)
Ruth "routine" clip

AUDIO_Saudi_Nour_4.mp3 (1728 kB)
Ruth "saw a man" clip

AUDIO_Saudi_Nour_5.mp3 (879 kB)
Helen "two cards" clip

AUDIO_Saudi_Nour_6.mp3 (2276 kB)
Helen "anger" clip

AUDIO_Saudi_Nour_7.mp3 (1066 kB)
Helen "guilt" clip

AUDIO_Saudi_Nour_8.mp3 (1101 kB)
Helen "letter" clip

AUDIO_Saudi_Nour_9.mp3 (2882 kB)
Debbie "ice cream" clip

AUDIO_Saudi_Nour_10.mp3 (1028 kB)
Debbie "sister" clip

AUDIO_Saudi_Nour_11.mp3 (1001 kB)
Debbie "eat alone" clip

AUDIO_Saudi_Nour_12.mp3 (1099 kB)
Violeta "memories" clip

AUDIO_Saudi_Nour_13.mp3 (1645 kB)
Violeta "guilt" clip

AUDIO_Saudi_Nour_14.mp3 (821 kB)
Violeta "ghost" clip

AUDIO_Saudi_Nour_15.mp3 (748 kB)
Mona "1975" clip

AUDIO_Saudi_Nour_16.mp3 (759 kB)
Mona "suicide" clip

AUDIO_Saudi_Nour_17.mp3 (911 kB)
Mona "mother" clip

AUDIO_Saudi_Nour_18.mp3 (874 kB)
Mona "brother" clip

AUDIO_Saudi_Nour_19.mp3 (2379 kB)
Dan "daughters" clip

AUDIO_Saudi_Nour_20.mp3 (1641 kB)
Dan "police" clip

AUDIO_Saudi_Nour_21.mp3 (1290 kB)
Dan "e-mail" clip

AUDIO_Saudi_Nour_22.mp3 (494 kB)
Dan "grandchildren" clip

AUDIO_Saudi_Nour_23.mp3 (1010 kB)
Lee-Ann "shunning" clip

AUDIO_Saudi_Nour_24.mp3 (968 kB)
Lee-Ann "spacing out" clip

AUDIO_Saudi_Nour_25.mp3 (1895 kB)
Lee-Ann "date-rape" clip

AUDIO_Saudi_Nour_26.mp3 (1136 kB)
Lee-Ann "suicide" clip

AUDIO_Saudi_Nour_27.mp3 (1213 kB)
Chayla "anger" clip

AUDIO_Saudi_Nour_28.mp3 (505 kB)
Chayla "missing out" clip

AUDIO_Saudi_Nour_29.mp3 (748 kB)
Chayla "underage" clip

AUDIO_Saudi_Nour_30.mp3 (1083 kB)
Chayla "best friend" clip

AUDIO_Saudi_Nour_31.mp3 (1054 kB)
Matthew "shout" clip

AUDIO_Saudi_Nour_32.mp3 (691 kB)
Matthew "God called" clip

AUDIO_Saudi_Nour_33.mp3 (1474 kB)
Matthew "left" clip

AUDIO_Saudi_Nour_34.mp3 (374 kB)
Matthew "it takes" clip

AUDIO_Saudi_Nour_35.mp3 (1118 kB)
Leon "my wife" clip

AUDIO_Saudi_Nour_36.mp3 (775 kB)
Leon "layers" clip

AUDIO_Saudi_Nour_37.mp3 (964 kB)
Leon "doctrine" clip

AUDIO_Saudi_Nour_38.mp3 (1850 kB)
Leon "mental health" clip

AUDIO_Saudi_Nour_39.mp3 (1474 kB)
Karama "helping others" clip

AUDIO_Saudi_Nour_40.mp3 (1337 kB)
Amneris "reverse shunning" clip

AUDIO_Saudi_Nour_41.mp3 (801 kB)
Amneris "all alone" clip

AUDIO_Saudi_Nour_42.mp3 (1168 kB)
Amneris "my life" clip

AUDIO_Saudi_Nour_43.mp3 (921 kB)
Mercedes "Not OK" clip

AUDIO_Saudi_Nour_44.mp3 (708 kB)
Mercedes "no protection" clip

AUDIO_Saudi_Nour_45.mp3 (394 kB)
Mercedes "suicide" clip

PHOTO_Saudi_Nour.JPG (1945 kB)
Watchtower Sign in Brooklyn, NY



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