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Fall 3-28-2017

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Prue Clarke

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Master of Arts (MA)


Nearly one in every five officer has symptoms of PTSD according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Depression, PTSD, anxiety and suicidal thoughts are all results of unmanaged stressors. These issues can have a huge impact on an officer’s physical and mental well-being, and can accumulate over the course of his or her career. As police are under fire for a series of killings of innocent black people, they believe their PTSD issues are being overlooked.

Police officers are on the front line of violence and high risk situations but the toll on their mental health is often overlooked. Many are reluctant to seek help fearing that they will be identified as weak and incapable of doing their job. Even though there are programs implemented at local and national levels for them to properly cope and de-stress, some police officers and officials say they are inadequate.

PTSD1_.jpg (10 kB)
PHOTO_Mark Dibona's Facebook_1_Officer Mark Dibona prepares for a PTSD workshop facilitated by Badge of Life.

PTSD2.jpg (52 kB)
PHOTO_Thomas_Tiffany_2_New York Police officers in Manhattan's Times Square few hours after a terrorist attack in broad daylight.

PTSD3.jpg (15 kB)
PHOTO_Mark Dibona's Facebook_3_Officer Dibona gives a lecture on mental wellness.

Police Say Leadership Is Ignoring PTSD.mp3 (4056 kB)



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