Graduation Date

Fall 12-16-2018

Grading Professor

Andrew Lehren

Subject Concentration

Health & Science

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


Rural towns in the midwest are often highly supportive of their high school basketball teams and Indian reservation teams are no exception. The trouble is Native American players and fans face racism when facing high school teams from outside reservations.

Over the last decade, from 2008-2018, there have been at least 45 reported incidences all over the U.S. of racial incidents against Native Americans at sporting events like high school games and non-Native teams with pseudo-Indian names and mascots. This data was compiled from news reports by the NYC New Service.

These reported incidences range from making “whooping,” streaking in red body paint, racist tweets, pouring beer on native children’s heads, banners that say “Hey Indians, get ready for a Trail of Tears Part 2,” and recent instances of Native players being called “prairie nigger,” “wagon burners,” and “dirty Indians.”