Graduation Date

Winter 12-14-2018

Grading Professor

Bob Sacha

Subject Concentration

Arts & Culture

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


America's New Favorite Food focuses on the culinary shift the United States is making. The days of burgers and fries are dwindling and tacos are taking over. This short documentary series follows four people who hold distinctive views on Mexican cuisine. Viewers are also able to experience Mexican food in augmented reality, where they can tinker with the models via computer or phone.


VIDEO_DuclosLaura_TejasSshiva_Sequence1.mp4 (39489 kB)
Introduction to Project to give context

PHOTO_DuclosLaura_TejasSshiva_Sequence1.jpg (5013 kB)
A chicken burrito being cut at Mexicosina in Bronx, NY. Photo by Sshiva Tejas

VIDEO_DuclosLaura_TejasSshiva_Sequence2.mp4 (88277 kB)
A restaurant owner in the Bronx talks about how he uses ingredients from Mexico to stay true to his roots.

PHOTO_DuclosLaura_TejasSshiva_Sequence2.gif (7288 kB)
Oscar Lorea Aguilar mixes dough in a hopper to make tortillas. GIF by Laura Duclos

VIDEO_DuclosLaura_TejasSshiva_Sequence3.mp4 (169715 kB)
Tortilleria La Colegiala is a family run tortilla bakery in Chihuahua, Mexico. See how tortillas are made from start to finish and the heart that goes into the process.

PHOTO_DuclosLaura_TejasSshiva_Sequence3.jpg (4001 kB)
Chiles en Nogada, the national dish of Mexico. Photo by Laura Duclos

VIDEO_DuclosLaura_TejasSshiva_Sequence4.mp4 (155298 kB)
A chef expert in Chihuahua, Mexico, explains how Mexican food in the U.S. has changed to adapt to American tastebuds.

PHOTO_DuclosLaura_TejasSshiva_Sequence4.gif (3865 kB)
Maria Elena Murga cuts pork in her kitchen to make puerco asado in Chihuahua, Mexico. GIF by Laura Duclos

VIDEO_DuclosLaura_TejasSshiva_Sequence5.mp4 (116874 kB)
A homecook in Chihuahua, Mexico, tells us about why she loves cooking and the importance of traditional Mexican food



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