Graduation Date

Fall 12-14-2018

Grading Professor

Maggie Freleng

Subject Concentration

Health & Science

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


Have you ever woken up from a dream only to find you can’t move? You’re paralyzed and, sometimes, you are even having vivid hallucinations. It’s terrifying, but harmless and very common. Regardless of it being so innocuous, Sleep Paralysis has inspired fear for centuries and many still believe it to be a supernatural phenomenon. This is, most likely, because most people who get Sleep Paralysis, don’t really know what it is. People just like me.

AUDIO_Christensen_Joshua_1.mp3 (12619 kB)
Part 1 of an audio documentary on Sleep Paralysis

AUDIO_Christensen_Joshua_2.mp3 (19546 kB)
Part 2 of an audio documentary on Sleep Paralysis

PHOTO_Christensen_Joshua_1.jpg (906 kB)
photo of the New Life Expo in New York City on October 27, 2018

PHOTO_Christensen_Joshua_2.jpg (781 kB)



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