Graduation Date

Fall 12-14-2018

Grading Professor

Mark Richardson

Subject Concentration

Arts & Culture

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


In light of recent clergy abuse scandals, cover-ups and leadership shake-downs, it is a divided time in the Catholic Church: but this isn’t the whole story. My final capstone project is a critical essay of how Catholicism (and religion overall) is represented in mainstream media--particularly in secular news publications and entertainment (horror films) in the United States. By examining the coverage and how conversations differ within members of the Catholic Church--from journalists and critics to active Catholics, religious men and women--this project calls for greater accountability, fairness, faith representation in all media, and the overall claim that there are Catholic stories far greater than the stereotypes.

WEBSITE_Escobar_Allyson.csv (9 kB)
Timeline of Catholic Church clergy abuse (raw data)

VIDEO_Escobar_Allyson_sequnce#1.mp4 (105817 kB)
What does religion look like in the media? Analyzing the landscape of religion in U.S. mainstream media, including the kinds stories covered, how mainstream outlets talk about religion, and the makeup of religious journalists in newsrooms.

VIDEO_Escobar_Allyson_sequnce#2.mp4 (53586 kB)
And then there were nun: Religious sisters in Hollywood - For decades, Hollywood has put forth conflicting portrayals of Catholic nuns, who have dedicated their lives to the Lord. Does "nunsploitation" affect the way nuns are viewed in the larger culture?

VIDEO_Escobar_Allyson_sequnce#3.mp4 (62749 kB)



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