Graduation Date

Fall 12-16-2018

Grading Professor

Jarrett Murphy (capstone)

Subject Concentration

Urban Reporting

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s 2013 data, over 282,000 hospitalizations and 2.5 million emergency department visits were at least in part attributable to TBI. In the same year, about 56,000 people died.

Emergency departments in 2012 treated about 329,290 kids under 20 for TBI following an injury taking place during physical activity.

This project explores the rise in traumatic brain injuries and examines the difficult path that some of the survivors have to go through during recovery. By telling the story through my own personal experiences, I guide the reader through what the initial trauma and ensuing postconcussion syndrome can be like.

The project also examines how media and changes in attitude about brain injuries could help people take them more seriously and help move along the science. Some organizations stand to lose profits though from changing attitudes on concussions, even though some of their athletes will have brain injuries for life.

Even a single brain injury can change someone forever, and my project aims to educate people about brain injuries so that they knew what to do instead of feeling lost.

AUDIO_Rosenthal_Michael_sequence#1.mp3 (31 kB)
A phone call recording of me shouting at my mom. A good example of TBI symptoms.

AUDIO_Rosenthal_Michael_sequence#2.mp3 (70591 kB)
Walking to the site of my crash for the first time while narrating it.

VIDEO_Rosenthal_Michael.mp4 (53386 kB)
Me losing my train of thought during an interview because of my TBI

PHOTO_Rosenthal_Michael_sequence#1.jpg (4901 kB)
My broken bike on the street corner.

PHOTO_Rosenthal_Michael_sequence#2.jpg (4421 kB)
My broken bike in the storage room.

PHOTO_Rosenthal_Michael_sequence#3.jpg (3517 kB)
Closeup of my broken fork.

PHOTO_Rosenthal_Michael_sequence#4.jpg (3536 kB)
Closeup of my broken headset.

PHOTO_Rosenthal_Michael_sequence#5.jpg (125 kB)
CUNY acceptance letter screenshot

PHOTO_Rosenthal_Michael_sequence#6.jpg (313 kB)
Screenshot of Strava ride data

PHOTO_Rosenthal_Michael_sequence#7.jpg (302 kB)
Screenshot of Strava ride route

PHOTO_Rosenthal_Michael_sequence#8.jpg (107 kB)
Screenshot of Strava ride summary

PHOTO_Rosenthal_Michael_sequence#9.jpg (55 kB)
Photo of a snowy Wassaic, right before I learned my retreat weekend was canceled. Otherwise, I would have foolishly tried biking.

PHOTO_Rosenthal_Michael_sequence#10.jpg (77 kB)
Facebook Messenger chat with friend screenshot

PHOTO_Rosenthal_Michael_sequence#11.jpg (267 kB)
First page of my mom's responses to my questions

PHOTO_Rosenthal_Michael_sequence#12.jpg (262 kB)
Second page of my mom's responses to my questions

PHOTO_Rosenthal_Michael_sequence#13.jpg (294 kB)
Third page of my mom's responses to my questions

PHOTO_Rosenthal_Michael_sequence#14.jpg (248 kB)
Final page of my mom's responses to my questions



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