Graduation Date

Fall 12-16-2019

Grading Professor

James Estrin

Subject Concentration

Business & Economics

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


The waterfronts of New York City have seen dramatic transformation and development over the past several decades. Developers have taken advantage of the coveted real estate space and constructed glass monoliths along Manhattan’s shores on the East and Hudson Rivers.

More recent developments in Long Island City and Williamsburg’s waterfront have seen waterfronts transform, and neighborhoods are unrecognizable from where they used to be. But as development continues in those areas, many developers are being priced out, and the Bronx is the logical next step in the process.

This project includes photos, videos, and animations of the South Bronx Waterfront. It details the vibrant communities that are there now, and how those communities are facing inevitable change.

Link to capstone:

Lewis_BronxWaterfront_01.jpg (12771 kB)
Lewis_BronxWaterfront_02.jpg (12950 kB)
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Lewis_BronxWaterfront_12.jpg (13460 kB)
Lewis_BronxWaterfront_13.jpg (14866 kB)
Lewis_BronxWaterfront_14.jpg (16109 kB)
Lewis_BronxWaterfront_16.jpg (16854 kB)
Lewis_BronxWaterfront_15.jpg (16269 kB)
Lewis_BronxWaterfront_17.jpg (12567 kB)
Lewis_BronxWaterfront_18.jpg (13783 kB)
Lewis_BronxWaterfront_19.jpg (1779 kB)
Lewis_BronxWaterfront_20.jpg (1925 kB)
Lewis_BronxWaterfront_21.jpg (2284 kB)
Lewis_BronxWaterfront_22.jpg (2461 kB)
Lewis_BronxWaterfront_23.jpg (2190 kB)
Lewis_BronxWaterfront_24.jpg (12597 kB)
Lewis_BronxWaterfront_25.jpg (14388 kB)
Lewis_BronxWaterfront_26.jpg (7636 kB)
Lewis_BronxWaterfront_28.jpg (10444 kB)
Lewis_BronxWaterfront_27.jpg (9537 kB)
Lewis_BronxWaterfront_29.jpg (14059 kB)
Lewis_BronxWaterfront_30.jpg (14230 kB)
Lewis_BronxWaterfront_31.jpg (15272 kB)
Lewis_BronxWaterfront_32.jpg (7244 kB)
Lewis_BronxWaterfront_33.jpg (12942 kB)
Lewis_BronxWaterfront_34.jpg (14905 kB)
Lewis_BronxWaterfront_35.jpg (16299 kB)
Lewis_BronxWaterfront_36.jpg (13645 kB)
Lewis_BronxWaterfront_37.jpg (12235 kB)
Lewis_BronxWaterfront_38.jpg (15797 kB)
Lewis_BronxWaterfront_39.jpg (13563 kB)
Lewis_BronxWaterfront_40.jpg (13019 kB)
Lewis_BronxWaterfront_41.jpg (14777 kB)
Lewis_BronxWaterfront_42.jpg (14648 kB)
Lewis_BronxWaterfront_43.jpg (14677 kB)
Lewis_BronxWaterfront_44.jpg (11739 kB)
Lewis_BronxWaterfront_45.jpg (12998 kB)
Lewis_BronxWaterfront_46.jpg (11774 kB)
Lewis_BronxWaterfront_47.jpg (10609 kB)
Lewis_BronxWaterfront_48.jpg (15579 kB)
59-street-bridge.mp4 (24865 kB)
barbed-fence.mp4 (26009 kB)
concrete-park-anchor.mp4 (20256 kB)
construction-spigot_sound.mp4 (22544 kB)
ferry-stern_sound.mp4 (23601 kB)
ferry-trip-classic-1.mp4 (56659 kB)
mott-haven-1.mp4 (31300 kB)
power-wash-shop-01.mp4 (22581 kB)
salt-marsh.mp4 (13967 kB)
soundview-park-anchor.mp4 (43193 kB)

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Photography Commons



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