Graduation Date

Fall 12-13-2019

Grading Professor

Greg David

Subject Concentration

Business & Economics

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


Black graduates confront another crisis amid protests and pandemic: Their optimistic expectations are now dashed and the result will be more inequality in America.

Much has been written about how among America’s workers, youth will suffer the greatest economic setbacks during the pandemic. Just like millennials who entered the labor force after the 2008 financial crisis, Generation Z will likely experience permanent declines in wealth, which will have ripple effects on their health and wellbeing. But those setbacks aren’t evenly distributed. Among young workers, Black youth will likely bear the largest burden.

Link to capstone project:

AUDIO_Goodwin_Jazmin_Sequence#1.mp3 (1641 kB)
Adraint Bereal, 22, recent college graduate of the University of Texas at Austin.

AUDIO_Goodwin_Jazmin_Sequence#2.mp3 (14688 kB)
Nana Prempeh, 17, high school graduate of Franklin High School in Franklin, NJ and incoming student at Raritain Valley Community College.

AUDIO_Goodwin_Jazmin_Sequence#3.mp3 (655 kB)
Mamourou Kone, 18, high school graduate of Central Park East High School in Manhattan, NY and incoming student at Nazereth College.

GRAPHIC_Goodwin_Jazmin_Sequence#1.png (62 kB)
"Average Family Wealth by Race/Ethnicity" (1983-2016)

GRAPHIC_Goodwin_Jazmin_Sequence#2.png (29 kB)
Unemployment rate of Gen Z (Ages 20-24)

GRAPHIC_Goodwin_Jazmin_Sequence#3.png (58 kB)
Median Family Wealth by Race/Ethnicity (1983-2016)



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