Graduation Date

Fall 12-18-2020

Grading Professor

Fred Kaufman

Subject Concentration

Health & Science

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


On screen, romantic comedies provide a certain kind of predictability and escape. In real life, the cliches can be unnerving and less promising. But life isn’t always stranger than fiction – when an urbanite writer falls in love with a salt-of-the-earth voracious angler at a fishing tournament, she finds the hopeful cliches are unavoidable.

PHOTO_Krempa_Francesca_Sequence3.jpg (821 kB)
Horrocks fishes off the end of a jetty in Martha's Vineyard.

PHOTO_Krempa_Francesca_Sequence4.jpg (745 kB)
Horrocks pulls his catch onto the boat off the coast of Nantucket.

PHOTO_Krempa_Francesca_Sequence5.jpg (454 kB)
The stripes of a false albacore, caught off the coast of Nantucket.

PHOTO_Krempa_Francesca_Sequence6.jpg (442 kB)
The author and her catch.

GRAPHIC_Krempa_Francesca_Sequence1.png (152 kB)
GRAPHIC_Krempa_Francesca_Sequence2.png (146 kB)
GRAPHIC_Krempa_Francesca_Sequence3.png (142 kB)
GRAPHIC_Krempa_Francesca_Sequence4.png (140 kB)



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