Graduation Date

Fall 12-13-2020

Grading Professor

James Estrin

Subject Concentration

Arts & Culture

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


As Italy became the first western country hit by the Covid-19 virus in 2020, it struggled to implement policies to protect its citizens. The country went into lockdown changing the face of cities, the habits of its residents and deeply shaking the country’s core. Within this setting, Italians were all asked to stay home and respect a strict lockdown for nearly two months. The first months showed people from the North to the South, come together patriotically, a show of national pride and shared identity as they fought for their country, which was facing a foreign threat. This is quite uncommon for Italy, a country with a profoundly fractured identity, that is founded upon the strong local color of the multitude of cities, towns and regions that make up the country. Through the photographic journey of key Italian cities, I tried to capture how each city incapsulates a key element of Italy’s identity, due to the specificities of each historic background and cultural development. It’s a journey thorough Italy today, as it struggles to find a way to regain control over its cities and spaces, in the era of social distancing and staying at home.

Link to capstone project:

01_NespoloVioletta_Capstone_Roma.jpg (844 kB)
02_NespoloVioletta_Capstone_Roma.jpg (1252 kB)
03_NespoloVioletta_Capstone_Roma.jpg (1433 kB)
04_NespoloVioletta_Capstone_Roma.jpg (1692 kB)
05_NespoloVioletta_Capstone_Roma.jpg (985 kB)
06_NespoloVioletta_Capstone_Roma.jpg (1447 kB)
07_NespoloVioletta_Capstone_Roma.jpg (1250 kB)
08_NespoloVioletta_Capstone_Roma.jpg (1622 kB)
09_NespoloVioletta_Capstone_Roma.jpg (1477 kB)
10_NespoloVioletta_Capstone_Roma.jpg (1135 kB)
11_NespoloVioletta_Capstone_Roma.jpg (1111 kB)
12_NespoloVioletta_Capstone_Roma.jpg (1266 kB)
13_NespoloVioletta_Capstone_Roma.jpg (1202 kB)
14_NespoloVioletta_Capstone_Bologna.jpg (694 kB)
15_NespoloVioletta_Capstone_Bologna.jpg (1266 kB)
16_NespoloVioletta_Capstone_Bologna.jpg (1397 kB)
17_NespoloVioletta_Capstone_Bologna.jpg (1100 kB)
18_NespoloVioletta_Capstone_Bologna.jpg (1475 kB)
19_NespoloVioletta_Capstone_Bologna.jpg (1788 kB)
20_NespoloVioletta_Capstone_Bologna.jpg (884 kB)
21_NespoloVioletta_Capstone_Venezia.jpg (1353 kB)
22_NespoloVioletta_Capstone_Venezia.jpg (1786 kB)
23_NespoloVioletta_Capstone_Venezia.jpg (1702 kB)
24_NespoloVioletta_Capstone_Venezia.jpg (1599 kB)
25_NespoloVioletta_Capstone_Venezia.jpg (1305 kB)
26_NespoloVioletta_Capstone_Venezia.jpg (1635 kB)
27_NespoloVioletta_Capstone_Venezia.jpg (1613 kB)
28_NespoloVioletta_Capstone_Venezia.jpg (1617 kB)
29_NespoloVioletta_Capstone_Venezia.jpg (1262 kB)
30_NespoloVioletta_Capstone_Venezia.jpg (1539 kB)
31_NespoloVioletta_Capstone_Venezia.jpg (1692 kB)
32_NespoloVioletta_Capstone_Firenze.jpg (1763 kB)
33_NespoloVioletta_Capstone_Venezia.jpg (1525 kB)
34_NespoloVioletta_Capstone_Firenze.jpg (1551 kB)
35_NespoloVioletta_Capstone_Firenze.jpg (1240 kB)
36_NespoloVioletta_Capstone_Firenze.jpg (890 kB)
37_NespoloVioletta_Capstone_Firenze.jpg (1198 kB)
38_NespoloVioletta_Capstone_Firenze.jpg (1904 kB)
39_NespoloVioletta_Capstone_Firenze.jpg (1058 kB)
40_NespoloVioletta_Capstone_Torino.jpg (1349 kB)
41_NespoloVioletta_Capstone_Torino.jpg (1365 kB)
42_NespoloVioletta_Capstone_Torino.jpg (1088 kB)
43_NespoloVioletta_Capstone_Torino.jpg (1340 kB)
44_NespoloVioletta_Capstone_Torino.jpg (1220 kB)
45_NespoloVioletta_Capstone_Torino.jpg (1296 kB)
46_NespoloVioletta_Capstone_Torino.jpg (1532 kB)
47_NespoloVioletta_Capstone_Torino.JPG (1809 kB)
48_NespoloVioletta_Capstone_Torino.jpg (1443 kB)
49_NespoloVioletta_Capstone_Torino.jpg (1499 kB)
50_NespoloVioletta_Capstone_Milano.jpg (1558 kB)
51_NespoloVioletta_Capstone_Milano.jpg (1162 kB)
52_NespoloVioletta_Capstone_Milano.jpg (1145 kB)
53_NespoloVioletta_Capstone_Milano.jpg (1039 kB)
54_NespoloVioletta_Capstone_Milano.jpg (1092 kB)
55_NespoloVioletta_Capstone_Milano.jpg (1506 kB)
56_NespoloVioletta_Capstone_Milano.jpg (2218 kB)
57_NespoloVioletta_Capstone_Milano.jpg (1569 kB)
58_NespoloVioletta_Capstone_Milano.jpg (1328 kB)
59_NespoloVioletta_Capstone_Milano.jpg (1531 kB)
60_NespoloVioletta_Capstone_Milano.jpg (1347 kB)



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