Graduation Date

Fall 12-13-2020

Grading Professor

Jim Estrin

Subject Concentration

Arts & Culture

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


In the wake of the Breonna Taylor grand jury decision, the city of Louisville became, as Louisville Orchestra conductor Teddy Abrams put it, "the epicenter of journalism." Abrams, the youngest conductor of a major orchestra in the United States, has hundreds of thousands of fans across the country. He's also an ardent political activist. By making the Orchestra's 2020 season virtual, diversifying their featured composers and works, and providing free one-on-one "comfort concerts" over Zoom, Abrams has been working to make the traditionally White space of classical music more inclusive, safe, and accessible.

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The video component of my capstone, "No More Funeral Marches." Some clips are property of VICE Media, Teddy Abrams, Owsley Brown Presents, and the Louisville Orchestra.



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