Graduation Date

Summer 8-14-2021

Grading Professor

Greg David

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Business & Economics

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Master of Arts (MA)


Paraguay successfully sent its first native satellite into orbit in 2021, proving how essential and accessible the industry has become, even for developing countries. This article looks at how knowledge and technology transfer programs combined with a lower cost of entry helped Paraguay reach its first major milestone in the space industry, having its own satellite.

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2_Veronica Cesco, Associate Program Officer, UNOOSA:

VIDEO_Carrizosa_Macarena_3.mp4 (31213 kB)
3_Danielle Wood, Director, Space Enabled Research Group, MIT Media Lab

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4_Danielle Wood, Director, Space Enabled Research Group, MIT Media Lab

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5_Alejandro Roman, Director of Aerospace Development AEP, Paraguay

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6_Agencia Espacial del Paraguay (Paraguayan Space Agency

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7_Raúl Kulichevsky, Director of CONAE, Argentina

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8_SpaceLatam and UNOOSA

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9_Alejandro Roman, Director of Aerospace Development AEP, Paraguay

VIDEO_Carrizosa_Macarena_10.mp4 (52481 kB)

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11_Agencia Espacial del Paraguay (Paraguayan Space Agency

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GRAPH: Revenue of the global space economy by segment

PHOTO_Carrizosa_Macarena_2.jpg (51 kB)
GRAPH: Number of satellites in orbit by major countries

PHOTO_Carrizosa_Macarena_3.jpg (71 kB)
GRAPH: Active satellites

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MAP: South American countries that launched their own satellite by 2020


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