Graduation Date

Winter 12-17-2021

Grading Professor

Kristine Villanueva, Rachel Glickhouse

Subject Concentration

Engagement Journalism

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


While in the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism’s Engagement Journalism program, I got the chance to work with residents in Milwaukee’s predominantly Black Metcalfe Park neighborhood and the organizations and people that communicate most frequently with its residents.

During these past 18 months, I have practiced deep listening and slow and engaged journalism to build trust with my community. The goal: to create a product that is useful to the residents of Metcalfe Park.

To accomplish this, I joined a small group of journalists and community leaders to produce a print and SMS neighborhood newsletter titled “North 2 Center” (N2C). Named after the two major boulevards that encapsulate the Metcalfe Park neighborhood, this newsletter is aimed at addressing information gaps and a general appreciation for the Metcalfe Park neighborhood.

The project is led by former John S. Knight Fellow Jimmy Gutierrez and local non-profit Metcalfe Park Community Bridges (MPCB), who invited fellow journalist Allison Dikanovic and myself to help form a product that could be useful to this community.

Medium Post:

Final Report:

November 2021 N2C (4).pdf (994 kB)
North 2 Center Newsletter (Nov.)

North2Center_Trifold_May_1.pdf (676 kB)
North 2 Center Newsletter (May)

North2Center_Trifold_april2.pdf (288 kB)
North 2 Center Newsletter (April)

Filling Information Gaps in Milwaukee's Metcalfe Park.pptx.pdf (3763 kB)



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