Graduation Date

Fall 12-13-2020

Grading Professor

Daryl Khan

Subject Concentration

Urban Reporting

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


Argentina’s new non-binary ID cards (DNI in Spanish) were highly celebrated when they were announced in July 2021 via a presidential decree. Government agencies had until November 18th to update systems and databases to include the new gender marker “X.” But that didn’t happen, so those with the non-binary DNI are unable to access essential services. The Argentine government cited the national 2012 Gender Identity Law, which guarantees a DNI that fully reflects a citizen’s gender identity, as the basis for the measure. However, for many in the trans*, non-binary and gender non-conforming community, the decree was unnecessary to enforce the law and activists protested the choice of an “X” as a catch-all to denote all non-binary identities at the presidential ceremony announcing the decree. On paper the new DNIs are a victory for non-binary representation, but since non-binary people are being kept off the records, they need to choose between a DNI that works and a DNI that actually represents who they are.



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