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"The digital age has created the need for a new kind of literacy-a literacy that empowers news consumers to determine whether information is credible, reliable and truthful. This is not just a skill; it is a new core competency for the 21st century. So-called “fake news” is hard to spot and spreads easily, leading to disagreements over basic facts. The antidote to the growing challenges posed by this digital revolution is news literacy. This mini news literacy course includes two three-hour sessions that will teach anyone to become a more critical consumer of news. "

The News Literacy course package contains:

  • News Literacy Course Summary

  • News Literacy Lecture Session 1 Slides

  • News Literacy Session 1 Lab Taxonomy and Know Your

    Neighborhood Game Slides

  • News Literacy Lecture Session 2 Slides

  • News Literacy Session 2 Lab Deconstruction Workbook

  • News Literacy Session 2 Lab Deconstructing News

  • Stanford News Literacy- Evaluating Information Online

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